Apart from standard fuels Argos offers a wide range of premium fuels, lubricants and fuel additives.

Argos Supreme Lubricants

The Argos Supreme product range comprises more than 500 different types of oils and greases for machines, metal working and combustion engines.  Each of them is a high-quality lubricant that meets the requirements of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Each business segment has its own specific product requirements. Argos Supreme offers various sectors an especially composed range of lubricants with which a maximum benefit can be achieved, such as saving on labour and/or fuel on the one hand, and preventing costly stagnation on the other . On top of that, the Argos Supreme products have been developed  to have a minimum impact on the environment.

Argos Supreme offers suitable lubricants for every sector. Here are some practical examples.

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For metalworking different kinds of fluids are often used. This is cumbersome in use and inconvenient in purchasing. Apart from that, many employees working with these fluids suffer from skin irritation. Argos Supreme offers the latest generation of metalworking fluid. It is multifunctional and skin-friendly. Only one product needs to be used and skin irritations can be prevented.


Contracting business

Excavators suffer a lot of wear and tear. To protect the pin-bush connections and the rolling bearings often synthetic grease with molybdenum disulfide is used. However, this type of grease is expensive and its water resistance is limited. Argos Supreme offers the heavy-duty grease Supreme Callith EP2 (Z): a sustainable grease which is extremely water resistant and as such has a much longer life.


BK-GAS Autogas (LPG)

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BK-GAS is one of the largest specialised LPG companies in the world and market leader in the Benelux countries.

LPG is a blend of propane and butane. It is a by-product of the extraction of petroleum and natural gas and is released during petroleum refining. LPG is not only used as a car fuel, but also as a raw material in the chemical industry, as a propellant in aerosols and as a heating fuel. LPG leads to lower car expenses, is less environmentally harmful and is readily available.

Argos Celsium Fuel Oil

Argos Celsium Fuel Oil

Where the natural gas network has no coverage, fuel oil is indispensable. And for a good reason: fuel oil has a proven reliability. If you look for the best quality fuel oil, you invariably end up with Argos Celsium.

Argos Celsium Extra

Traditional fuel oil has a high sulphur content of 1,000 ppm. Celsium Extra has a very low sulphur content of 10 ppm at the most, which is much less taxing on the environment and the climate. It also contains up to 7% biofuel, thus meeting the new European EN590 quality standard in every respect.

Argos Celsium Premium

The Argos Celsium fuel oils are available under the Argos Celsium Premium brand. These variants have been enriched with a specially developed additives package. Celsium Premium makes a good product even better, protecting heating equipment and lowering fuel consumption to 7%. This reduces the emission of harmful gases to a minimum.

Celsium Winter Quality

By adding the special Argos winter additive, Argos Celsium fuel oil retains all its product characteristics guaranteed up to a product temperature of -30⁰C.

Argos Endura

Argos Endura, Superior EN590 Gas Oil and Diesel

Argos Endura, Superior EN590 Gas Oil and Diesel. 
As a consequence of more stringent EU regulations (EN590 standard) the sulphur content of diesel has been drastically lowered. Partly because of this, bacterial growth is prevented less effectively. People using diesel can be faced with a strongly reduced storage life of diesel. Apart from an unpleasant odour, the decay can even lead to power loss and blockages.

Argos looked for a solution and found it with Endura, a superior Diesel and Gas oil (red as well as colourless) which meets the EU regulations. It is superior, because the possibility of bacteria developing in the tank is practically nil. Thanks to special additives Endura has an extremely long storage life and it will remain stable, even when stored for a very long time. Endura furthermore cleans and lubricates internal engine components, thus making sure the engine stays ‘as new’. Less emission, a constantly lower consumption, nothing but benefits.

Argos Elixir

Argos Elixir
Winter Quality

Additive to preserve flow properties of diesel at extremely low temperatures to enable a better cold start.

Argos Elixir
Formula for NXT

Additive for better performance and improved protection of diesel engines.


Argos Elixir
Celsium Premium Formula

Additive to improve the properties of standard fuel oil. Protects and maximises the lifespan of heating equipment.

Argos Elixir
Endura Formula

Additive to improve the sustainability, stability and combustion properties of ENG590 diesel oil and gas oil.