Argos is a wholesaler of and a logistics services provider for oil products in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany.

We supply large-quantity fuel resellers with any fuel they require in accordance with customer specifications, with or without customer-specific additives. We can also meet the demand for bio-tickets.

Fuels can be collected from our depots. In addition, we offer logistics services such as delivery at the customer’s address.

We invest in customer relationships and can enter into long-term contracts. The possibilities our depot  network offers, the various contract types and our high-quality operational information and market updates all combine to make Argos a stable and reliable partner in business.

6 Benefits of Argos

  1. High-quality fuels and biofuels
  2. Fuels according to customer specification
  3. Guaranteed product availability
  4. Excellent operational information and market updates
  5. Competitive pricing in line with the market
  6. Logistical support

Argos Wholesale Netherlands

Waalhaven Z.Z. 11
3089 JH Rotterdam

+31 (0)88 100 7020

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Argos Wholesale BeLux

Wiedauwkaai 75
9000 Ghent

+32 (0)800 84 25 0

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