Supply & Trading

Our Trading department deals with the international trade in oil products and bio oil products, both for the Group and for third parties.

To guarantee independent supply we do business with oil companies and with international trading houses. We import oil products and components from the major refineries in Europe, but also from other continents. To operate closer to the international market and to ensure product supply we have our own branches in Asia and South America. This also opens up opportunities for trading activities across different time zones.

As a consequence of legislation and regulations in Europe and elsewhere, developments in the field of biofuels succeed one another at a high pace. In order to be successful across Europe it is essential that we keep abreast of current developments in the various member states of the European Union. In our Trading activities, we strive to respond with alertness to new developments and possibilities.

Argos Trading is also active in Over-The-Counter Financial Swaps and, on the oil stock market in London, in futures and in options for these futures. This trading ‘in paper’ is always for the benefit of our physical trading activities.

Global Trading

By trading 24/7 across all continents we monitor the market in the best possible way and can thus guarantee availability of products  in the right quantity, the right quality and at the best price.

Supply & Trading

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