Logistics services

In addition to its primary products and services, Argos offers a range of support services that can be deployed separately or in combination with other products or services.

Argos provides transport services across the entire oil supply chain from refinery to terminal and from terminal to service station. The largest part of the logistics services is provided in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

We are one of the few market players that can guarantee permanent shipping capacity. Through its interest in Interstream Barging, Argos has access to a fleet of 127 vessels with a total capacity of about 370,000 tonnes.

The large variety of ships’ sizes and equipment enables us to reach virtually every destination in the Western European coastal area up to the sources of the European rivers.

Terminal management

Our subsidiary Oilinmotion provides terminal management services. The Oilinmotion staff is qualified for all operational and terminal management activities and works according to agreed service levels to ensure optimum running of the client’s terminal, both on a temporary and a permant basis, 24/7.

Our experienced depot managers, operators and unloading staff dedicate themselves to the running of your depot, body and soul.

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