Argos Bunkering is a leading player in the European bunker market. We offer products and services to the entire maritime sector, covering the marine transport sector as well as the coastal and inland shipping trade, from large vessels to small ones.

Our blending facilities and our modern fleet enable us to supply any required marine fuel at every possible specification at any desired moment within the entire ARA area and the European inland waterways.

Through our worldwide imports and our independent market position we can guarantee continuity of supply.


REINPLUS VANWOERDEN Bunker has been the partner for the inland shipping trade for more than eighty years. Our operational scope stretches from the ARA harbour areas to the source of the rivers.

With a wide-ranging network of modern bunker stations and bunker barges we supply all current marine fuels and lubricants in accordance with the highest quality and safety requirements, 24/7.

REINPLUS VANWOERDEN Bunker supplies as an Exxon Mobil branded reseller Exxon fuels and Mobil lubricants. In addition to supplying fuels and lubricants we offer a broad package of supplementary products and services, varying from other A-brand lubricants, tools, spare parts, cleaning agents and paint to drink water analyses.

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Argos Bunkering

Argos Bunkering specialises in supplying fuels and lubricants to the marine transport sector. Through our year-long experience we are the bunkering partner in the ARA area for a large number of shipping lines.

We have a modern fleet of bunker barges at our disposal of which a large number is equipped with separate tank and piping systems. This enables the ships to carry several products that can be delivered simultaneously, thus saving a considerable amount of time.

Our ships have computer-controlled inline blending installations to mix a product in the required specification on the spot at any viscosity, ranging from 30 cst to 380 cst.


Waalhaven Z.Z. 11
3089 JH Rotterdam

+31 (0)88 100 78 00

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Argos Bunkering

Waalhaven Z.Z. 11
3089 JH Rotterdam

+31 (0)88 100 76 30
+31 (0)88 100 76 32 (24hours)

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