Ad van der Sluijs opens a bicycle shop in Geertruidenberg (the Netherlands). Soon he expands his activities with the sale of petroleum, thus laying the foundation of the Van der Sluijs Groep.


Peter Goedvolk, former CEO of the current Argos, takes over Goud, a small oil trading firm in Hoeksche Waard (the Netherlands), and in doing so takes his first step towards independent entrepreneurship.


The Van der Sluijs Groep enters the Belgian and German markets and evolves into the largest independent player in the field of selling, storing and transporting mineral oils in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Goudvoort, Peter Goedvolk’s company, takes over Argos in Vlaardingen. Argos is active in the wholesale distribution of lubricating oil and fuel in the port of Rotterdam. Because it sounds well and is internationally applicable, Argos is chosen as the name of the entire group.


Petroplus International is split up, FNR+ continues independently. FNR+ Holding includes Frisol, North Sea Petroleum and Reinplus Vanwoerden and is market leader in bunkering and trading.


Van der Sluijs Groep and FNR+ Holding merge and together become North Sea Group.


On October 25th, the merger between Argos Oil and North Sea Group is a fact.


After the merger the two companies operate under the name Argos.