Company Overview

Argos is one of the fastest growing oil companies in the Netherlands

Argos is the largest independent player (not listed on the stock exchange or state affiliated) in the Western European downstream oil market, combining storage and distribution with the international trade in and sale of mineral oils and biofuels.

The customers of Argos, including major oil companies, international shipping firms, trading firms and resellers, have relied on the Group’s (product) quality and market-oriented approach for decades.

Argos wants to play a leading role in the Western European energy market, which is constantly changing for reasons such as an increasing environmental awareness, which leads to a growing demand for alternative energy sources. Over the past few years, biofuels have become an important new product group for Argos.

In addition to further expanding its current activities, in scale as well as geographically, Argos will focus on a wider spectrum of low-emission energy products with safety, sustainability and environment getting high priority at all times. These could also include activities that at first sight do not fit within the current portfolio.

Argos furthermore seeks to become an important player in the various (emerging) energy hubs around the world. It has already taken the first steps to this end, for instance by expanding in Asia and South America.